Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Accidental Creative (Stimulating Creativity)

Several years ago I read The Accidental Creative. I shared my thoughts on the book in The Accidental Creative (Book Review). I've also read Die Empty. Both are recommended reads.

The Accidental Creative includes a framework to ensure you remain creative over the long term. One part of this framework is to ensure that you "Curate stimuli that help you pursue creative possibilities." I've found that an effective way for me to remain creative is to review writing that I've enjoyed either because it's entertaining or because it's thought provoking.

Recently, I've begun to ensure that I select one piece of writing to read each week. This is always something that I've read in the past and I take the opportunity to revisit part of it over the course of a weekend. The result of randomly selecting a piece of writing that has influenced me in some way is profound. I find that I reconnect with some of the ideas that have inspired me and that I can make new connections on how to solve current problems.

Food for thought.

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