Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wifi MAC address of my Sonos Connect?

It looks like Sonos has two sets of rules for determining the wireless MAC address of their devices. I own a Play 1 and Play5.

My Play 5 has a wired MAC address beginning with B8:E9. Wifi MAC address of my Sonos Connect?" describes how to obtain the wireless MAC address for the Connect. It works for the Play 5 as well.

These instructions say the wireless MAC address = wired MAC address + 1. The wired MAC address is on the label affixed to the bottom of this device.

My Play 1 has a MAC address beginning with 5C:AA. The wireless MAC address is the same MAC address on the label on this device. (No +1 required.)

Sonos customer support indicated that 5C:AA is a new set of MAC addresses for their devices and the wireless MAC address for my Play 1 as reported through my diagnostic submission to them conforms to the description in "Wifi MAC address of my Sonos Connect?".

Sonos customer support was very helpful throughout this. 

I was able to establish the correct wireless MAC address for my new device through some experimentation with my wireless network.  I wanted to point out that Wifi MAC address of my Sonos Connect? worked for my older device but not the new device.

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